Mailing Envelopes


In addition to promotional pencils, mailing envelopes are another great way to market your business as well as an important supply for almost every company. Bubble mailers are very popular because they are used to send merchandise and documents to customers. Many types are lined with plastic bubbles that protect the item inside the package. Some bubble mailers have a rubber coating on the outside of the envelope that protects the package from rain, snow, or moisture from other sources that could damage the contents of the envelope. Mailing envelopes come in a variety of sizes and styles that can be used for many different purposes.

Envelope manufacturers are aware of the cost of postage, so they design their products to be lightweight. In this way, they do not add much cost to the expense of sending items through the mail. The United States Postal Service (USPS) charges customers by the ounce, so keeping envelopes as lightweight as possible keeps postage costs down. When businesses send thousands of envelopes in the mail each month, lightweight mailing envelopes can be very cost effective.

Businesses that send merchandise through the mail system are primarily concerned with protecting the contents of the envelope. Rubber bubble mailers are durable envelopes that are lined with puncture-resistant plastic bubble wrap. These envelopes are often used to mail pictures, photos, jewelry, and other items that could possibly be damaged if liquid were to come in contact with them. Most mailing envelopes have self-sealing strip closures, including most styles of rubber bubble envelopes. These strips are time saving and easy to use.

Large mailing envelopes are used to mail certificates, legal documents, and other important papers to clients and customers. They often have a sturdy piece of cardboard inside that keeps a photo or document from getting bent in postal equipment. They can be ordered with directions, such as “Photo Inside – Do Not Bend” or other messages for postal workers to see. Stationery companies will often print the business’s logo and return address on the envelope for a professional look. Other styles have a “To” and “From” area where the address label can be placed. Then, documents can be arranged inside this type of envelope without being folded.

Business envelopes that can be used for mailing checks, invoices, bank statements, and other documents are made in many styles. Regular office envelopes are also used for personal correspondence. Some styles are commercial flap, square flap, wallet flap, side seam, and others. These envelopes may all be the same size, but they look different, especially on the back side where the envelope closes. Commercial flap envelopes are the most common style that is known as the common envelope. Square flap envelopes are designed to look more contemporary, as are wallet flap styles. They usually have self-sealing closures that work by peeling the thin covering off of the sticky sealing material. The flap is then pressed down to seal the envelope. Some envelopes have a clear, thin piece of paper on the front so that the address where the envelope will go can show through. This eliminates the need for using mailing labels that have the address on them.

The #10 envelope is the most popular business envelope in the United States. This size envelope is made in white and in a variety of colors. It is often referred to as a business size envelope. Invitation envelopes are usually either Announcement or Baronial style. Announcement invitation envelopes have square flaps, whereas Baronial invitation styles have pointed flaps. They can be purchased in many different colors. There are also styles with gold foil linings, patterned floral linings, and other designs. These are sometimes used to coordinate with the décor of a baby or bridal shower or of the wedding colors.

Envelopes made with recycled paper are becoming more popular and are available almost everywhere that envelopes are sold. There are many choices of all types of envelopes available online. Stationary stores and large office supply companies also have envelopes available in many different styles.