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Promotional pencils have been used for years to advertise businesses and events. Many companies use them when they are promoting a new product that their company is introducing. They are also frequently used when a new business is opening to spread the word to as many potential customers or clients as possible. Many people pick up a pencil to use and look to see what is written on it. Then, when they need this particular type of service, they remember the name of the company and call them to order a product or service.

These marketing tools are often distributed at trade shows. When someone stops at a booth for information, a simple writing instrument can help them remember the name and phone number of your business. A business card with this information could end up in the garbage can, but a visitor will keep the pencil and use it. Each time they see your business name and number, they will be reminded of your product. Doctors, dentists, physical therapy centers, and other healthcare facilities often hand out “Welcome Packages” to new patients that include a promotional pencil. It serves as a reminder of the healthcare provider’s phone number, and there is always a chance that another person will use the pencil and call the doctor, dentist, or other professional for an appointment.

Promotional PencilsPromotional pencils are often used in schools as a beginning of the new school year gift to students, or in recognition ceremonies. Having the school name and year imprinted on a pencil with school colors is a very unique and special incentive for students to do their best in school. Schools of all grade levels use these pencils, from elementary school through high school. It is even possible to buy them from a campus book store at a college with the university name imprinted on a barrel of their school color. Recruiters who visit high schools to represent the colleges that they work for frequently give promotional pencils to students as well.

The cost of promotional pencils is very nominal at around 13 cents to 25 cents for a budget pencil. This is a very low cost considering the high rates charged for other kinds of advertising. They can be found in a variety of colors, from black, white, red, yellow, purple, and almost every other color. If a business has certain theme colors, it is easy enough to choose a pencil with a barrel in one color and the printing of the business name or logo in another color. Most of these feature #2 lead and rubber erasers, and they are generally sold unsharpened. Some companies will sharpen them for about one cent extra per pencil.

Companies that want pencils above the budget category may choose to order neon pencils with their business logo or name and phone number printed on them. Their bright colors make them even more noticeable than other regular colors, and they can be found at a cost of about 15 cents to 27 cents for each. The neon orange, yellow, green, or pink colors look very impressive with black print on them.

The best place to find promotional pencils is at websites that specialize in this product. is a great place to get these marketing tools. When looking online for them, it is important to take the price, as well as the quality of the finished product into consideration. Since the pencils represent your company or organization, you want them to look as professional as possible. A company that specializes in promotional pencils is a place that you can be sure will have the best quality pencils. Prices are also lower when ordering online and when you order in bulk. Most websites have a minimum order requirement of a certain number of pencils.